The Black Friday UGGs store hours for 2013 are continuing to arrive, as various retailers look to match their competitors when the sales and deals start up. The new trend is that retail stores are setting their opening hours earlier than the Black Friday UGG Boots shopping day itself, and opting to open up during Thanksgiving Day. At least three stores are now reportedly going to open on the evening of everyone's turkey dinners.

An Oct. 22 report from NBC News indicates that Kohl's Department Stores is the latest store to join the trend, and will be opening up their doors at 8 p.m. EST on Thanksgiving 2013. Kohl's, which is based in Menomonee Falls, Wis. and has 1,158 stores in the U.S., will also remain open for the "all-day Black Friday" shopping event. Some shoppers are probably hoping they'll have Keurig coffee makers, linens, small appliances and jewelry among the big deals offered.

The Kohl's news makes for the third department store retailer to join the ranks of early UGG Boots Black Friday openings. Last week, Macy's announced their plans to open up stores at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, joining direct competitor JC Penney. So far, big stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Toys R Us, have yet to announce when they will open, but it wouldn't be surprising to see them follow suit. Many retailers are looking to find ways to increase revenue on this major shopping sales period, as economic worries and the rise of online shopping continues to take over.

Black Friday UGGs sale 2013 is on Nov. 29, while Thanksgiving is the day before on Nov. 28. As of this report, none of the aforementioned retailers have had their Black Friday ads leaked, but Macy's did provided a preview of their deals via their Pinterest account at least a week ago.

It's a controversial trend started several years ago when some of the big box stores opened their doors on Thanksgiving. Now, major department stores are as well. In fact, locally based Kohl's and the Boston Store recently announced they would be open for business at 8 pm Thanksgiving evening.

Some we spoke with are in favor of it. They say it gives them time to work off their turkey and get a head start on holiday gifts. Others say it's hurting and disrupting family values.

Dr. Purush Papatla of UW-Milwaukee Business School studies online trends and how they impact consumer spending. He thinks web surfing and shopping, up 132 percent over the past five years, are the real reasons behind catering to the early bird shoppers. He says the department stores have to compete against online shopping, and they have to do whatever it takes to get the customer in the door.

And while there are those who want to flip the bird to early holiday shopping, there will always be the folks who venture out to shop. And of course there will be the ones willing to accept what they're spending.

There's one interesting fact about holiday shopping beside the earlier start time. It's estimated we'll be spending on average $421 per consumer throughout the holiday season.

With yet another Black Friday UGG Boots sale 2013 ad leaked, it appears the shopping season is approaching full speed. The latest retailer to have their ad scan revealed online, will have some deals on tablets, mp3 players, toys, appliances, and more, with a store opening time of 5 a.m., according to the sales flyer.

Fred's isn't the first of the ads to leak for the 2013 Black Friday UGGs on sale shopping season, as Harbor Freight Tools was officially the first leak, with Macy's giving customers deal previews on Pinterest, and GameStop's ad reportedly leaking just last week. Shoppers continue to await the arrival of big name store ads from Walmart, Home Depot, Kohl's, Lowes, Target, Best Buy and Toys R Us stores. The Fred's ad indicates that doors open "one day online" at 5 a.m., with the "best selections early." Additionally, fine print says layaway items won't be accepted during Black Friday shopping.''

often seen as a bellwether for Black Friday pricing, is promising to make this year's post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza its biggest ever. It's using aggressive promotional sales and rollback prices—backed by a huge marketing blitz—to drive traffic to its stores. And electronics have always played a big part in Walmart's Black Friday plans.

This year's Black Friday is likely to be a great one for holiday shoppers looking for bargains. That's because Walmart's competitors—mass merchants such as Target and Kmart, and specialty electronics dealers such as Best Buy—will have to follow suit.

Walmart's Black Friday ad hasn't yet been released—or even leaked—so we're probably still a few weeks away from knowing what kind of doorbuster deals and specials will be offered. If you'll be looking for a great electronics deals, our advice is to check out the Walmart Black Friday circulars, but then wait until some of Walmart's competitors release their ads to see how they react.

Also, remember that circulars have to be printed several weeks before they actually appear, so you should also check each retailers' website for last-minute deals and specials offered in reaction to competitors' pricing.

In the coming weeks, we'lll be offering a complete Black Friday shopping guide to help you navigate all the different ads and offers to get the best deal. But in the meantime, here's a quick tip as you start to look through all the Black Friday ads: Distinguish between the so-called doorbuster specials designed to get people into stores—usually offered during very limited times and in very limited quantites—and lowest-of-the-year-prices on more widely available gear. Typically only those with the fortitude to get up at crazy hours are able to get the doorbuster specials, and often they're on no-name brands or models that haven't performed especially well in our Ratings.